Giving Back

5% of every online purchase on amberlume.com will be donated to Food Banks BC to help provide food for families in need across British Columbia.  We believe everyone deserves the basic needs like a good meal and a full belly.

Every month food banks in BC help 103,464 individuals,  more than 32% being children.


Our Story

We are located in the Fraser Valley between Langley and Abbotsford in beautiful British Columbia. Yup, that’s right, Canada. I know, eh!

So Let’s take you back to when it all began. Theresa was watching YouTube videos in hopes to be inspired to clean her home.  I’m sure you can relate and if not, no judgments please. 🙂   The YouTuber showed how to make a DIY home cleaner and then went on to talk about the toxic ingredients in the regular off the shelf cleaner.

Can we talk about a light bulb moment!  I mean, who even thinks about that sort of thing.  Theresa had always bought the brands that her mom used when she was growing up.  It wasn’t even a thought in her head to consider.  However, now she was sold.  She was going to create her own!

Theresa combed through website pages for different DIY cleaner recipes and realized that essential oils was a common ingredient in most of them.  You may not believe this, but she had never heard of these oils before.  I know right, where has she been? (most likely in a medieval virtual world fighting off dragons)

The YouTuber she was watching at the time, suggested to use the oils to mask the strong unpleasant smell of vinegar. However, the further she dug, she found out that there were amazing properties for each oil that helped with not only cleaning but for other uses as well.

Long story, short.. ish?  Theresa decided that she wanted to be a seller of quality premium essential oils to consumers and to inform them of the natural benefits.